When wandering through the posted links, http://www.forwardthinkingmuseum.com/ caught my attention. Last fall, I tackled the “Put yourself in an awkward situation” assignment by taking pictures at GJ’s. I took photographs of people, on a Saturday night, with the flash on. There was no way of hiding the fact that I was taking a picture. One woman confronted me about taking a picture of her and demanded I delete it.  Forward thinking museum had a quote by Gus Powell that I enjoyed very much and brought me back to this memory.

“Sometimes I am asked: ‘Did you take my picture?’ and my standard reply is: ‘You’re in the picture but it’s not a picture of you. It’s a picture of ALL of this’ followed by a wide sweeping gesture of my hand to emphasize the space. It’s not always a satisfying answer to the questioner . . . but I’m not apologetic. Each time I make a picture it’s because I like what I see. It’s remarkable how well positivity serves me as I make these pictures.”

–        Gus Powell

(Side note: After reading a little more on Gus Powell, I was shocked to find out that his street photography and body of his work is inspired by Frank O’Hara’s book Lunch Poems. Kind-of interesting, a street photographer inspired by poetry.)

 I also visited http://www.miraslist.com/ which was a blog site. When scrolling through the posts, I stopped on some interesting photos. I specifically enjoyed looking at Stepohen Dirado’s photographs and recommend visiting his site to check out, at least, the dinner series. http://stephendirado.com/dinner/dinner.html