I started looking through these links from the bottom of the list and worked my way up. One that stuck out to me was the New York Times Lens blog.  The way that it was set up was what caught my attention. As soon as you clicked on the link you were viewing large, gorgeous images that looked like they belonged in National Geographic Magazine.  These images, by Jerome Delay were taken during time that he spent documenting turmoil in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in Mali.  The images of children and adults in impoverished places and conditions are all too familiar to “us” but are still somewhat of a spectacle every time we see them.  Although this content was powerful, (and Delay comments on his focus on aesthetic for this reason in the write-up) I was struck more by the compositions and particularly the colors in these images.  I do think that there is always potential for the content to ruin or make an image, and the same goes for aesthetic.  I feel as though this artist does a nice job of choosing his compositions and considering their content equally and at the same time.