While looking through the links the one I found most interesting was the Asian Photography Blog. Through all the artists on the website, Liana Yang caught my eye the most. On the blog the article about her talks about her new series of photographs called “The Innocence Project.” At first the photos seems to be of these childish sort of images, including images of lollipops, but as you read the article you realize what the entire project is about. 

In the “Innocence Project,” Liana Yang works to show school girls throughout Singapore shown in a pornographic way. The collection of images is a combination of childish things but also images taken by looking up girls skirts. If you thought that was a weird series you haven’t heard the half of it. 

Within “The Epiphany of States,” Liana Yang is obsessed with the oddness and intriguing appearance of human expression………….. in pornography. As the photos were taken the faces being made appear to be pained or blank faced. Even though that is the case each of the photographs was taken as the people were climaxing, and finishing of that task which no one ever wants to mention. 

Another series she did was called “What my Pussy Loves.” Though the title of the series sound perverse and obscene, each of the photos is literally about cats.  In each photo we see a cat and next to it is a photo of the objects and products required to take care of those cats. Her basis for the photos was not just to show adorable cats on the internet but instead to show the lengths people will go to in order to care for something they love. 


The Innocence Project

Her odd combination of concepts really interests me and hopefully I will be able to find more artist’s like her in the future.