After looking through all the links, I picked the one that stuck out the most. The link was Nazraeli Press because on the first day of classes when we were looking through all the different photo books, the one given to me to look at was published by Nazraeli, or at least by a company with a similar name. This site has a lot of books displaying a wide variety of different photography from many different photographers. One book that caught my attention was one by Martin Usborne. What Usborne did for this series was he rented a dead fox from a taxidermist walked around and took photos of it. You cannot look through the book on the site but the photo of the cover shows a fox in front of headlights. I really liked the lighting in this photo and it kind of looks dangerously haunting. However, from the description of the book, it sounds like Usborne put this fox in many different situations, like at an ATM and a pub. This made me interested and I went to google and searched for more of Usborne’s work.

I found a series by him called The Silence of Dogs in Cars, which at first seems “cute” but is actually very solemn and sad. He uses color, lighting, and even water, to show this waiting relationship between dogs and their humans. I really like Usborne’s use of lighting in his photos. Some of the photos are dark and  have really nice directional lighting and some photos really use the lights of the cars well. What surprises me most about this sereis is that Usborne was able to capture so many different subtle reactions from the dogs. Some seemed angry, downhearted, or expectant, but all their expressions were different and unique.