After listening to the podcast on Robert Adams, I feel like he really DID photograph the landscape to remind us how beautiful it is. He seems like the type of photographer to put full energy into his work- each picture or series for a specific reason. The Grassland photographs were shot to show how small people are and how grand the place is. He photographed the hunting ground that he and his father roamed and photographed Colorado, Kansas and Wyoming, where he and his wife lived. He referenced his earliest memory with his father carrying him on shoulder through swamp lands of New Jersey. He said he liked to photograph the landscapes he had walked through in high school. He talked about work done in respects to his Sister, who had passed away from ALS. It seemed like everything he did was in a passive mindset and emotional depth. I also enjoyed hearing how he takes pictures for visual purposes and doesn’t believe in conceptual art is contradicting.
I was shocked on how fast Adams would respond to some questions. For instance, when the church picture was mentioned he had an immediate and enthusiastic reaction. The same thing happened when asked if he remembers “working to get that shade of light in the dark room” and the answer was “YES, YES.” For an elderly man, he sure is quick on his feet.
It seemed like Adams chased the perfect landscape and waited for the pleasant feel and soft lighting. One thing that pointed out to me was the talk about how the different air densities and moisture effect the photograph. Adams mentioned how dry air doesn’t snap the same and requires different technique, filtering, developing, and required over exposure to control contrasts. Air is something I pay no attention too when shooting, but it makes sense.
I now understand how Robert Adams is a very influential landscape photographer.