I found the podcast to be interesting and it really affected my view on landscape photography. I like looking at landscape photography but landscapes are not my favorite thing to go out and photograph. However, a few points mentions in the podcast has changed some of my views that makes landscape photography more interesting to me. One of the points I liked that was mentioned was how Robert Adams would just walk. He said he would just walk around and take photos. I also liked how he talked about how he would take photos because he loved nature and thought it was beautiful. Another point that was talked about was lighting. In photography I think lighting  is the most important aspect and its one of my favorite things about photography. During the interview Robert Adam talks about the different lighting situations he took photos during. Whats interesting about lighting in landscape photography is that instead of setting up lighting situations, you are going out and searching for them and then when finding them reacting to them correctly to create and make them look great. I feel lighting is so important because it sets the mood and feeling in a photo that could really make or break it.