There is something about landscapes that can become boring. I think it is mostly to do with my over exposure to that kind of idyllic postcard type of photos that exist in large numbers. However the interview with Robert Adams was not boring and caught my attention at certain points. For example, when Robert Adams said walking was ‘about mandatory.’ And then again when he said he walked back through the landscape that he had been walking since high school. I found that the most relevant part of the podcast because the way be described the art as turning into a sort of truth for people that live there. I (as well as any person really) can relate to that because I am sure there are certain landscapes I could photograph in my home town that would say a lot to the people that lived there, but would not be as relevant to people who had not spent a lot of time in my hometown. There is something about spending time in an environment that changes the way you look at it. Walking is mandatory because you have to slow down to find something more interesting.

Here are some landscape people

This is Wang Yuanling.

Daniel Seung Lee