I really like Lucas Foglia’s photos and I find Foglia’s photos to be so interesting is because of the subject matter. I did not realize that people lived off the grid like this and its cool. But even though all these people are living off the grid, they are all living in completely different ways. Whats also really nice about this series is how Foglia was able to capture these people so naturally during their lives with the use of great colors and compositions. There is a photo of a little girl in the green fairy dress laying on her back while holding a rib from a while holding a deer rib. I love this photo because because of the angle its shot from and the spring colors in the photo. I also really like the subject matter. This little girl is wearing such a common thing for kids her age to be wearing however she is eating a food (which is also on her face) most girls her age probably would not be eating. This kind of photo could not have been taken anywhere else but where Foglia was and that what I really like about his work.