Harry Callahan left almost no written records–no diaries, letters, scrapbooks or teaching notes. His technical photographic method was to go out almost every morning, walk the city he lived in and take numerous pictures. He then spent almost every afternoon making proof prints of that day’s best negatives. Yet, for all his photographic activity, Harry Callahan, at his own estimation, produced no more than half a dozen final images a year. His early work experimented with representational abstraction; his later work in color included additional subject matter, both city and landscapes as well as multiple exposures. (www.leegallery.com)

After flipping through several photography books,Skyscrapers, New York, 1978. I decided to show the class Harry Callahan’s book “New Color Photographs 1978-1987”. I find his vivid colors, interesting composition and his double exposures fascinating. I found this photo of his that was not shown in the book, I am sharing this photo because it is somewhat different then the work we looked at in class, but still very enjoyable.