Benjamin Lowy is a freelance photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. From 2003-2008 Lowy went to Iraq and to photograph. He photographed the people in Iraq during the war and how people lived and show Iraq from the perspective a soldier. Benjamin Lowy made Iraq | Perspectives after a conversation he had with his mother. During the conversation his mother said she was surprised that Lowy had to constantly travel in armored vehicles and always be surrounded by soldiers.

Lowy broke this book up into two parts. The first part is called windows. All these photos are taken through the window of the armored cars Lowy rode in. Lowy uses color and the frame of the window of the car to creates a detached and distant perspective. The photos and colors show a country that is empty and desolate and the windows act as a barrier between the viewer and the subject.

The second part of the book is called Night Vision. This is where the use of color is more important and creates a specific mood. All these photos art taken through night vision goggles. All the photos are dark and green and give off this very tense, dangerous, and creepy mood. All the night photos are taken during raids by the soldiers. The photos show civilians tied up and blindfolded, scared civilians and anxious soldiers. However, without the green color of the night vision goggles, these photos would not have the same effect or mood.