This article made a lot of points that agree with and find really helpful and a little scary. One thing he said I really agree with is that just taking lots of photos is helpful in making you a better photographer. By taking so many photos, you find what you like to take photos of and what settings you like to work with and what your good at. This is something I feel I need to do more of because once I finish undergrad, the hard part is continuing to make work. This leads to another point Jay discussed. He states that the audience for artistic photographs is small. Therefore photographers go to grad school so they can become photo professors to allow them to keep making artwork. I wonder if there is a way I can make that small audience larger. The Photographer for Humans of New York was able to gain a huge following of his photos through the Internet.  

Another one of the points discussed that really stuck out at me was about subject matter. First, photography is something that anyone can do today as long as they have a camera, or, especially with cellphones. What is depicted in a photograph is found to be most important by people. Bill Jay writes, “photography has become an increasingly useful tool in our society for the transmission of information about every conceivable aspect of life.” But is the information thats being passed along true? Are all the photos on Facebook and Instagram truth or just what the photographer wants you to see? Another point Jay stated was that to be successful, you have to be interested in your subject. Its hard though to find something you really like and make lots of work about it. But I think once I find that, I won’t be able to put down the camera.