While I was reading “The Thing Itself” from Bill Jay’s text Occam’s Razor, I stumbled across one section that made a lot of sense to me…”It seems an extraordinary presumption that every photographer has a depth of character which demands revelation!  Inevitably, most photographers would do the world a favor by diminishing, not augmenting, the role of self and, as much as possible, emphasizing subject alone.”  I agree with this idea. I believe in individuality, but I do not think that it is possible to make completely new and unique work simply because we are part of a whole, and do not exist on our own.  We are designed to function as a group, not as individuals.  Do we make art for ourselves? Maybe, but I think we make art with the first and foremost intention of sharing it with others.  And if this is the case, then it would be a step backwards if we made art in the same self-centered way that we go about the rest of our lives.  I also liked what he had to say about style, and how it is this construct that we all strive for before we even know what our subject matter is saying.  I do agree that it is more powerful to let the subject speak for itself than to try to explain it through some “unique Style” of photography that you believe you possess.  Did the subject appeal to you because you immediately analyzed it when you first encountered it or did it appeal to you because of the nature of it?  I feel that we are attracted to things that we cannot immediately explain, and I think this is the way that it should be presented to the audience of your work.