So basically photo isn’t new or exciting. Also you can’t make art out of it unless you are at a university, and yeah that’s definitely true, and I agree with everything this guy is saying.
In a lot of situations photography isn’t art because it is used solely as a transmission of documentary ideas– it’s used in advertisement, medical shit. Which is actually really great.

This is a great time for me to read this because I’ve been thinking a lot about how the concept within a subject is really the only important thing in a photo. I mean we can all can make a decent photo print. Therefore, the actual process of photography is (perhaps inherently) useless. Mostly because a photo is about, as someone might say, “THE THING ITSELF.” Seriously though, if you can identify the subject, then it matters that you took a picture of it. That’s why I am really trying to use photo as an avenue for my ideas, instead of as a tool to communicate about the medium of photography itself. Don’t we already know that photos capture light?

Hey in the mean time look I found some art.

Steve Kahn