This article reminded me of a few things. Two of which being people saying that graduate school was just a way to push off the inevitable. “I would rather say I am a student than say I am an unemployed person.” The idea is that by continuing in school you are using more money that you don’t have t learn information that may or may not help you in the long run.

In the article it states that if you aren’t passionate about what you are working on you are going to fail. If you love it now but don’t know if you will love it later then why do it? With that I also have to add that within another photography book I was looking through about color photography the author said that if you don’t like your own work then why should other people. You should be making art work to make other people happy, do it for yourself.

The problem is trying to find that idea that you want to run with and stick with for a while. For me personally, I am happy working with discovering this bad ass side to the female form and the female gender in general. But recently I have taken an interest in photographing candids of people at odd points in their lives.