While I was listening to the John Divola podcast, I noticed that he spoke a lot about the evolution he made in his goals and in his work from the time he began photographing to the current.  He said that when he started out, he wasn’t giving too much thought to what he he was photographing and why, but that it became clear to him after he completed a project or even in the middle of one, exactly what his work was about.  I also felt like I could relate to this because on any number of occasions I will have no idea what I am doing and then one of the last photos I shoot will make it all come together, or even suggest an an entirely new concept to me.  Divola seemed sincere, and I liked the fact that he was not overly analytical in his responses.  I think this relates to the article we read last week about “the thing itself” and letting the subject matter of the photo speak for itself instead of trying desperately to construct meaning.