So John Divola said in the beginning of the interview that he only started going into abandoned houses when he was in graduate school and already seriously making photographs. Ever since around the beginning of my sophomore year of high school, i’ve tried to explore the forgotten areas of my home area around Long Island by venturing in to abandoned places. A group of no more than 3 of my friends and I would go out into places like the Kings Park Psychiatric Center, Pilgrim State Mental Facility, as well as the abandoned Veterans Hospital and Clinic near my house. Something has always fascinated me about walking through the buildings and on the grounds of these abandoned places, about being able to observe the amount of time that has passed, and how much it must have changed since it was left to the elements. I’ve always had an urge to go to dangerous or exhilarating places for the sake of making photographs, but it interests me as to why I am more interested in it as a young person versus why John Divola would pursue that much later in his photographic career.