After taking Intro to Photography and View Camera, I realize that I am particularly interested in two things; photographing people and the effects of cutting film. Since the main advantage of a large format camera is higher resolution (more detail) and the focus of a contour drawing is simply the outline shape (and not the minor details), I am going combine the two. For my final, I am proposing 6-10 large photographs. I am hoping to take close up and refined portraits of people and then create a blind contour drawing of the outcome. I will place the blind contour drawing on the negative and trace the outline with an exact-o blade, cutting through the film. I realize that the blind contour drawing will not line up perfectly with the negative. That being said, my hope is that the final product will be an abstracted, mosaic-like photograph that holds enough detail and information to decipher the underlying image. I have decided to enlarge these photographs to 11×14 (or larger) so the detail will be apparent. Let me know what you think, feedback is always appreciated!