It’s safe to say that John Divola has had a very successful four-decade career. I enjoyed listening to this podcast and hearing the “who, what, where, when and why’s” of his work and his interest in degeneration at a time of advancement. His explanation of why he was brought to the abandoned houses that ended up being the landmark for “Vandalism” and “Zuma” serieses was fascinating. He said he was simply looking for things to paint silver. That response was so great because it is an example of how curiosity and inspiration can lead you to where you need to go. Out of his Zuma series, I am particularly fond of the Zuma #3 photograph;

 John Divola, Zuma #3, 1977.

I also enjoyed the comment he made on the interest he has with the detail a photograph can picks up. It’s something about photo and how it renders little detail, like a piece of glass, that causes his curiosity and the incidental information is what he finds most interesting. I think his frequent use of flash contributes to this idea because the flash changes the natural light of a photograph and commonly alters what the human eye sees. Keeping his glass comment in mind, I attached another photograph that has mesmerizing detail.