I have seen Divola’s color work with the abandoned buildings, “Vandalism” or “Zuma” , but I don’t think I really understood the point of them before.  I think we build up the idea that there needs to be a concept behind our photographs or work, yet that is not always how we work, or how I personally work.  I like how Divola describes how things in his environment and his own photographs can influence his work, such as the dogs chasing his car in the desert.  He didn’t go out looking for these dogs, they just kind of found him and his camera.  I think with “Zuma”, I was trying to build up a concept behind the work, yet it was just Divola playing and experimenting with texture and color.  I sometimes find it difficult to come up with a concept and to act on and photograph that particular subject or idea. I photograph through a response to my environment; although, most photographers would probably say they work in this manner, its just a different sort of response for everyone.