This idea was brought about by a multitude of things, one being the fact that I wanted to use my brother as a victim of my photography. I love working with the figure and I love showing my personal opinions about the body and human life within my work, not just my photography. Also recently I have been looking into sort of a spiritual side of the world, which is something not everyone believes in. Along with this belief is the idea that everyone has an animal that they relate very closely to, from centaurs to rabbits. For this project I am combining the animalistic side of life with the everyday hustle and bustle of life. The people I will be photographing will be half nude while wearing suit pants or formal skirts covering their entire bottom half. Now thats just of the appearance of the figure within the print; out side of the print there will be colored images of animal faces that will be sewn onto the prints like a mask, which the viewer will be able to lift up and see the face underneath.