Between the three studios I am taking this semester, I have narrowed down my most current and ongoing interest or theme.  I believe I am interested in places that are inherently spiritual, supernatural, or in any way uncanny.  I have been particularly interested in cemeteries and how they function as places or containment, organization, nostalgia, spirituality, etc.  I am interested in how people attempt to memorialize those who have passed. The fake flowers, lamps, crosses, cherubs, candles, benches and all the numerous other things that people so lovingly place and usually soon forget are of interest to me, and I would like to create a series of close-ups of these tiny monuments and experiment with double exposure, or layering images to suggest a narrative about the passing of time.  I am not interested in death or memory as broad topics but rather the very physical and futile way that we attempt to preserve the physical things we have lost. Hopefully I will be able to print these on a large scale to place emphasis on detail and to exaggerate the scale of these items relative to their personal importance.