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This idea was brought about by a multitude of things, one being the fact that I wanted to use my brother as a victim of my photography. I love working with the figure and I love showing my personal opinions about the body and human life within my work, not just my photography. Also recently I have been looking into sort of a spiritual side of the world, which is something not everyone believes in. Along with this belief is the idea that everyone has an animal that they relate very closely to, from centaurs to rabbits. For this project I am combining the animalistic side of life with the everyday hustle and bustle of life. The people I will be photographing will be half nude while wearing suit pants or formal skirts covering their entire bottom half. Now thats just of the appearance of the figure within the print; out side of the print there will be colored images of animal faces that will be sewn onto the prints like a mask, which the viewer will be able to lift up and see the face underneath. 


This article reminded me of a few things. Two of which being people saying that graduate school was just a way to push off the inevitable. “I would rather say I am a student than say I am an unemployed person.” The idea is that by continuing in school you are using more money that you don’t have t learn information that may or may not help you in the long run.

In the article it states that if you aren’t passionate about what you are working on you are going to fail. If you love it now but don’t know if you will love it later then why do it? With that I also have to add that within another photography book I was looking through about color photography the author said that if you don’t like your own work then why should other people. You should be making art work to make other people happy, do it for yourself.

The problem is trying to find that idea that you want to run with and stick with for a while. For me personally, I am happy working with discovering this bad ass side to the female form and the female gender in general. But recently I have taken an interest in photographing candids of people at odd points in their lives.

Hilliard uses color to create movement in the photographs. His photographs combine different perspectives and focal points to create a confused reality. I am in love with the sexuality he puts into his work especially in the photograph titled “The Winter Months,” which is a photograph of a man looking at Playboy calendars. The photograph includes this perverse scene but it is something we know could realistically happen. Personally, without the titles the images would not have the same meaning, some of them wouldn’t be understandable at all.  Hilliard creates bold colors in his photographs and it really makes me excited to start working in color. 

While looking at the images I felt very uncomfortable. The photos with the children in them where really shocking. My favorite photo was of the child drinking the goat milk straight from the utter. Though the photograph makes me superbly uncomfortable I love the idea of culture and society influencing the photograph. It seems all the other photos have a similarly native and farm society influence as well, and I love it. 

As I looked through many different landscape photographers, Barbara Bosworth’s photos really caught my attention. She places lines between different sections of an image to make you view a specific part of the image. With many of the photos a single tree or person stands in the center frame which allows us to focus there and then move around the photo. The images may seem simple but the fact that Barbara made sure the focal point was in the center shows the effort she put into each photograph. 

Personally, I am not a huge fan of landscape photography, but while listening to the podcast my interest was peaked. Adams describes going out into the world to see what its like and to experience it by taking photographs. He likes looking at whats around him rather than just taking photos for one reason or another. Though landscape images don’t really intrigue me the idea of photographing the world around you does. Being able to review everything that you have ever seen is an interesting concept. Life flashes by so quickly and by taking photographs we can see everything that exists around us.  

While looking through the links the one I found most interesting was the Asian Photography Blog. Through all the artists on the website, Liana Yang caught my eye the most. On the blog the article about her talks about her new series of photographs called “The Innocence Project.” At first the photos seems to be of these childish sort of images, including images of lollipops, but as you read the article you realize what the entire project is about. 

In the “Innocence Project,” Liana Yang works to show school girls throughout Singapore shown in a pornographic way. The collection of images is a combination of childish things but also images taken by looking up girls skirts. If you thought that was a weird series you haven’t heard the half of it. 

Within “The Epiphany of States,” Liana Yang is obsessed with the oddness and intriguing appearance of human expression………….. in pornography. As the photos were taken the faces being made appear to be pained or blank faced. Even though that is the case each of the photographs was taken as the people were climaxing, and finishing of that task which no one ever wants to mention. 

Another series she did was called “What my Pussy Loves.” Though the title of the series sound perverse and obscene, each of the photos is literally about cats.  In each photo we see a cat and next to it is a photo of the objects and products required to take care of those cats. Her basis for the photos was not just to show adorable cats on the internet but instead to show the lengths people will go to in order to care for something they love. 


The Innocence Project

Her odd combination of concepts really interests me and hopefully I will be able to find more artist’s like her in the future.